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  •  Suitable For Inflation Of Twin Tyres
  •  Colour Coded Handles – Red For Closed End
  •  Long Stem Length
  • Drill Chuck Wrench For Electric Drill Clamping Tool.
  • Used For Controlling Tightness Of Looseness Of Electric Drill Clamping Tool.
  • Can Be Used In Hammer Or Drilling Mode, Very Durable, Comfortable To Grip.
  • Used For Controlling Tightness Of Looseness Of Electric Drill Clamping Tool.

-The spear-pointed tip design reduces breakout, and the bit features a carbide tip for extended bit life. 

-These bits are ideal for drilling fastener holes in bathroom tile or wall mirrors. 

-For use with drills that have 3/8'' or larger chucks.

Brand new and high quality.
Suitable for cleaning mild steel or aluminium & house decoration, construction, car repair, factory work.
Made from high quality alloy, durable and practical.
Plug taps are suitable for cleaning & re-threading mild steel and aluminium materials.
This set is not supplied with any taper taps for threading new holes.
Supplied with plastic storage case.

  •  Made by HSS with heat treatment and Titanium Nitride coating.
  •  Engraved Sizes to easily identify which size you need with the contrasted, laser engraved sizes inside the step drill bit flute.
  •  Increase the hardness and makes the bits last up to 4-5 times longer than ordinary drill bits.
  •  Drill round holes in most metals, plastic, wood, etc.
  •  Self starting tips will not skid, no need for center punching or pilot drill.
  •  Designed to auto deburr the hole cut
  •  Used on electric drills and drill presses.
  •  Triangular shank will not spin inside the chuck.
  •  High flow, stable property and high efficiency.
  •  Compact design, convenient to carry and storage.
  •  Easy to install and simple to use. No batteries needed.
  •  Fit all drill chucks, you can get a pump with a electric drill.
  •  Ideal for transferring light liquids, such as fresh water, sea water, oil, dilute organic solvents, insecticides and liquid fertiliser.


Floor material: aluminum alloy

Color: as picture shown

Spindle: 400*25mm(H*Dia)

Clamp range: 38-43mm

Single stroke: 60mm


Note: Please allow 1-3mm error due to manual measurement