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Color: White Size: 200mm/8", 250mm/10",  300mm/12" 

Uses: Sealing machine heat strip 

  • Use only with torches designed for MAPP Gas Never use with standard propane appliances such as lantems stoves torches etc. 
  • Burning MAPP Gas makes carbon monoxide (CO). CO is invisible has no smell but can kill you. Burning MAPP Gas in a tent, camper, van or other enclosed area can be dangerous.
  • Use only in well ventilated areas. If you fell headache, drowsiness or nausea turn valve off and get fresh air quickly.
  • Never use where people are sleeping. 
  • Actual burning temperature: approach to 3600°F
  • For use on medium to heavy soldering or brazing application
  •  Air-conditioner cleaner
  •  Nano technology and green product
  •  100% brand new
  •  Comes with spray nozzle for easy use
  •  DIY with professional result
  •  Helps to save electricity
  •  Kills bacteria 99.99%
  •  No rinse needed
  •  Safe on fins and coils
  •  Extended air conditioner life
  •  World advance technology
  •  Effectively dissolves all grease, dirt, mold, fungi and etc
  •  Value for money
  •  Good quality product
  •  Durable, excellent elasticity and not easy rust.
  •  Easily bending soft tube without kinking the tube.
  •  Wide use, connector for copper tube, aluminum tube, stainless steel tube of thin wall of air condition or refrigerator.
  •  Suitable for fast, free-form bending of soft copper and aluminium tubes.
  •  Easy and convenint to use.